SPA generally ships via UPS Ground whenever possible.  Freight shipping is through Freight Quote and their affiliated partners.  When your parts/kit ship you will be notified via email of the tracking or PRO number accordingly so you may coordinate your deliveries. 

For more info on Aircraft Kit Shipping see HERE. 

Missing or damaged parts:

Customers have 7 days to report missing or damaged parts to SPA. 

How Shipping Charges are Figured -

Unless noted that shipping is included the shipping charges are calculated by the shipping company and charged directly to you.  We then add a packaging/crating fee for materials and time for packing your parts.  These fees can vary from $50 - $75 for aircraft sub kits, depending on materials and complexity.  Crating fees range up to $175 per crate depending on materials and time. 


Shipping Inspection/Checking Parts -

Inspect your shipment BEFORE you sign for it! 

Look for any breaks in the outside covering (whether it be cardboard, shrink wrap, or a crate) and if you find ANYTHING then you need to sign the bill of lading as damaged.  NO DETAILS ARE NEEDED, just the word “DAMAGED” written clearly and sign your name.  If you do not mark it damaged then the company WILL NOT COVER IT and YOU will be liable for replacing the items and paying the shipping again.  They do not make exceptions!  You need to take PHOTOS!  Detailed photos of the box/crate/pallet and the items showing damages.  Then email them to ASAP.

Please remember to check all of your parts immediately after receiving them and keep all packaging until you are able to verify all of the parts arrived undamaged. 



Handling Damages -

SPA generally ships with two companies for domestic shipping: Freight Quote and UPS. Instructions for initiating damage claims depends on the carrier. SPA insures each shipment based on replacement costs.  Claims on international shipments must be filed with the international freight forwarder used for that shipment.


SPA is not responsible for damage to parts due to freight mishandling. WE coordinate the shipping as a courtesy to our customers only.  It is the customer’s responsibility to document any and all freight damage.  As stated before SPA insures the shipment for full value replacement.  Depending on the carrier, and their liability limits, there may be an insurance deductible on reimbursement.  YOU are responsible for the deductible payment.  We are here to help in any way we can, so if you need anything please do not hesitate to contact us. 


If any freight damage occurs, document the damage carefully with photographs and be sure to note DAMAGED on the bill of lading and point it out to the delivery driver. You will need to contact us immediately to begin the claim process.  Once the freight claim is filed with the freight company, we will work with you and the freight company to assign values to the damaged individual parts and arrange to get you replacement parts.