Sport Performance Aviation LLC values each and every customer. If there is a problem with any part or service provided please contact us immediately (  Sport Performance Aviation LLC exclusively sells experimental (non-PMA'd) aircraft parts. There is no warranty for these parts, implied or intended, unless explicitly stated in the part documentation. Sport Performance Aviation LLC is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of any product offerings including direct or indirect labor, lodging, repair, medical or legal expenses incurred by a customer, or any agent of the customer. The user is responsible for the entire risk of all parts used on their aircraft. All Electrical Components sold by Sport Performance Aviation LLC are not eligible for return, exchange or factory service. This is standard industry practice. These component parts are shipped from SPA LLC as functional tested components. We have seen cases where they are returned to SPA LLC in a damaged condition from improper wiring. Also, it should be noted that the majority of "defective" electrical parts returned to us are fully functional. We encourage all builders to wire their engine and ignition per the detailed wiring diagrams provided in the manuals.