Customers do have the option of picking-up their parts from our facility in in Green Cove Springs, FL.  Please realize, however, that all merchandise pick-ups are subject to 7% Florida sales tax, regardless of the customers' state of residence. In many cases, the state sales tax payment can be contributed to your home state tax payment required at the time of aircraft registration, but in some states this is not possible, or would be more expensive than paying a shipping bill and staying at home. Please check your own local and state sales tax laws. 

Picking up Airframe Kits:

If you choose to pickup your airframe kit please make sure you have a minimum of 3 hours, and bring a friend to help.  We will gather your parts in an area on the shop floor.  You will be responsible for inventorying all parts, packing all parts and transferring them into your vehicle.  SPA employees will not assist you with any aspect of this procedure.  For a full kit this will take you approximately 4 hours. We are open for pickup Monday - Friday (excluding  government holidays and the time periods we are traveling too, and displaying at Sun n fun, and Airventure airshows) at 9:00 am EST, however you will need to arrive before 2:00 PM EST to have time to inventory and load your vehicle.  

If picking up a Panther full air frame kit the wing spars are 149 inches long and weigh about 35 lbs each. The next longest parts are the tail cone longerons at 100 inch long. Research renting a small U-Haul enclosed trailer, or something similar, for your pickup.  Please be sure to bring your own ropes or tie downs, cushions, blankets, tarpaulin, a red or orange flag and any other securement supplies you might need.  You will need boxes, bins, containers and paper or foam to wrap your small parts into for travel.  Long skins (tail cone )can be rolled if need. We typically recommend bringing two sheets of thin plywood or OSB. One goes down on your trailer or pick up bed, then the skins can be laid down and protected, the the other sheet is laid on top. The rest of the kit can the be load on this "deck". Please remember some large items like the canopy, canopy skirt, and the cowling are large and light and are susceptible to wind damage on a open trailer or pick up bed with no topper.  

If you prefer to have SPA supply boxes, bags, wrapping foam, cardboard and other supplies then please contact SPA to discuss an estimate based on your order.

If you do you cannot take responsibility for the above tasks, then consider having SPA fully box/palletize your parts for truck shipment. SPA will be glad to assist loading the pallets on your trailer.  Please contact SPA for a packing quote, and to verify the pallet size, etc. 

You will need to make an appointment with the SPA shipping department prior to picking up any parts.  Please contact us @ to verify parts availability and to coordinate an appointment.