We recommend hydraulic brakes.  

On the Prototype Panther N515XP we used the Tracey O'Brian hydraulic units. 

The brakes we recommend, support, and supply axle adapters for are the Matco brakes with a 3/4" axle.  

We offer a standard package, a package with a larger tire and a heavy duty package for the Sport builders.  Please see here for more information:


The Panther kit comes standard with rudder pedal mounted toe brakes.

We recommend the standard duty brakes for all models , and in most cases the smaller, tires work great. We've operated of rough grass strips with the small tires for years with great service.

When choosing wheels and brakes consider that the gross weight is under the empty weight of many RVs etc. that use the 5x5 tires. Our ground pressures are actually lower with the small tires than the typical "RV" with 5x5 size tire.

If you want the larger tire we recommend the standard brakes with the 5x5 tires.

The large wheel / brakes we offer (5x5 with 3/4 inch tapered non sealed bearing) are designed for airplanes with much higher gross weights and landing speeds and are absolutely not need on any Panther model. We do not recommend these, due to weight and cost , but do offer them for builders with a bias toward them.

NOTE** - If you choose to use a different model brake you will either have to fabricate your own axle adapter or have us make a custom axle adapter for you.