If you have an “original” Panther forward fuselage that has only the Tail Dragger main gear mounts installed, then the short answer is No. 

It is possible to return your forward fuselage to SPA and we could weld the TriGear main gear mount in and touch up the powder coating.  You would then need a TriGear engine mount (for your specific engine). 

You would also need to purchase the TriGear main gear legs, axle adapters, tail skid, nose gear leg, castor fork ,wheel/tire and absorb-er, wheel pant, and various bolt and nut type hardware for this conversion.

If you are buying a new kit from SPA you can add the option to have both main gear mounts welded in.  You will need to pick a configuration at purchase, but you can buy the “conversion components” later if you decide to switch configurations.

Contact SPA to obtain a quote for the above options and parts.