A few changes are needed to some dimensions on your plans sheets.  Please see the Revision Log HERE  for the changes needed.  This spreadsheet will be used to track all of the plans sheet changes moving forward.​  Any time a revision is made we will send you an email and post a "Heads Up #x" to the forum for tracking purposes.  Note - there are two tabs on this spreadsheet at the bottom.  One for plans modifications and one for tracking the part modifications.

Also note the Parts Revision log shows the omission of two lower holes in the P-T-VT aft spar channel. These holes are in the rear spar stiffener.

This has no effect on build as they will be drilled out in assembly with the fuselage

No action required, it is OK to drill match drill to rear spar stiffener if desired.

We are striving to provide the best parts and documents we can and maintain low overhead. Thanks for your patience, and please let us know of any issues so we can continue to improve!