This heads up is to let you know your horizontal and vertical closer ribs are incorrect.  The ones you all currently have are too short to close the gap between the control surface and the stab.    If you have already installed yours then you can either drill it out and install the new ones when they arrive, or you can leave them the way they are and live with the gap.  The longer closer rib adds rigidity and looks better, but if you prefer to not drill them out this is OK too.  The Panther prototype has the short ones, and we honestly didn't notice it.  It wasn't until Tony brought it to our attention when he was installing his that we realized the short rib.  Tony chose to make his own longer ribs.  The new longer ribs are pre-drilled with holes to attach to the adjacent stab rib for even further stiffness.  (see drawings below):

Please See Here

Please See Here

It will be a few weeks before the new parts are run and hydro-formed.  If you would like you can make your own from the attached PDF.  The HT is too big to print on one sheet, you will have to print on two and tape together.

It would be a good idea for you to print the PDF and attach it to your plans sheet on the forms block and or sheet metal blank page as well.  These updated drawings are on the Builders Cave and noted in the revision log.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!