If you are looking at ordering hardware for any part of your Panther build then please wait a few weeks.  We are in the finalization stages of sourcing hardware kits with a vendor, and will have the pricing for the kits on our website within the next two weeks.  They guarantee to have kits on our shelves ready to ship at all times, and we can include them with your kit shipments.  This saves you shipping costs and guarantees you get the right parts.


A few notes:


We prefer (95% of you builders as well) flush blind rivets for construction.  We are only offering hardware kits with flush blind rivets for the skin assembly.  If you want solid or protruding head then you will want to build your own hardware kit with your favorite dealer.


If you want to use nut plates for fastening your fuel tanks to your wing then you will need to get the nut plates from your favorite hardware dealer.


We do not include the sealant with the fuel tank hardware kit.  Sealant has a short shelf life and we recommend you order it a few days before you are starting your tanks.  SkyGeek had the cheapest pricing last time we checked. 


I will send another email out when we have the hardware pricing listed.