Hello Panther Builders!

The Issue:

There are extra holes in the first batch of forward vertical stiffeners.  We are working now to engineer a fix for this, but need your help to identify how many of you received this part. 

The Part:

The part in question is the vertical stabilizer forward stiffener.  P1202 P-T-VT-Forward Spar Stiffener - PA.1875-q1  (old part number 1009).

Issue Details:

There are 4 mounting holes that are incorrectly spaced as shown in the picture below.  If you have this version of the part it will look like the photo.  If you have the CORRECT version you will have no mounting holes at all. 

The Fix:

To be determined.  We are working through this now. 

What You Need to Do:

If you have the part shown below please reply to this email and we will notify you once the fix is ready.  We believe this only affects 4-5 builders, and that we have identified them – however we need your help to make sure. 


  • IF you have this part and have not assembled the VT please contact us immediately and we will replace the part at no charge. 
  • If you have the part and your VT stab is already assembled then do not drill the 4 mounting holes in the horizontal stab forward spar.  (shown on plans sheet P-T-HT,VT install prep). 
  • If you the part below and have already drilled the holes in the horizontal stab forward spar please indicate so in your email.

Thank you!