Issue Date 7/29/2018


Bulletin Type: Mandatory


Aircraft:   Panther LS and Panther Sport


Bulletin Name:  Tail Wheel Bolt


Corresponding Attachments:  None



Details of Service Bulletin


Regarding: Mandatory Tail Wheel Bolt


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Heads up #38


Tail wheel bolt sheared


Recently a Panther With a 6"API tail wheel sheared the AN3 bolt that attaches the "tail wheel" to the "tail wheel spring". The bolt sheared while taxing on grass upon return from a flight when turning with the tail wheel castered to one side. It appears like the bolt sheared from torsional (twisting) load being transmitted into the Tail Wheel Spring due to the tail wheel being to one side. No other damage occurred.


We did some research and found this scenario to be common on other similar Brand "X" aircraft with the same type tail wheel system.


Action Required


Inspection, before next flight, at tail wheel maintenance, and condition inspections

Raise tail and support under aft fuselage. Verify no movement between the spring and the tail wheel socket. Remove the AN365 nut and verify the bolt is a tight "press fit" into the assembly. The bolt must be tight in the hole, and no movement between the tail wheel socket and spring is acceptable. Inspect the entire tail wheel and spring assembly for loose ness or wear.



Action Required


Before each flight and during pre-flight:  Rock aircraft and watch for any looseness at the tail wheel to spring connection and bolts.  If ANY LOOSENESS PROCEED TO NEXT STEP.


Action Required For Loose Bolt


During construction or as retro fit, if any movement is detected or the bolt is not "tight" in the hole.


1.    We recommend acquiring either a close tolerance NAS bolt , or possibly a "first oversize" bolt and the appropriate reamer to install the bolt into a tight fit hole




If any movement is detected after step 1.


2.    We recommend installing a second bolt per the photo, crosswise ¾" behind the first. It MUST be installed into a "tight fit" hole! 


sheared tail wheel bolt with captions.jpg

Note:  No warranty expressed or implied. Viewer of this document assumes all risk for its use.