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Issue Date:  7/22/2017

Bulletin Type: Mandatory

Aircraft:   Panther LS and Panther Sport

Bulletin Name:  PSB3-M Revised Spar Pin Safety

Corresponding Attachments:  None


Details of Service Bulletin


Regarding: Revised Spar Pin Safety

Note:  No warranty expressed or implied. Viewer of this document assumes all risk for its use.

Heads up #39

Revised main, and aft wing pin safety.

We have developed a more positive, yet simple to install, main and aft wing pin safety system. With any folding wing capable aircraft, the pilot has the responsibly to verify that the structural, and control connections are installed and have adequate safety devices installed.

Action Required

Note - SPA has created a bracket kit for securing the wing pins.  Please contact SPA to purchase this kit if your kit did not include the parts listed below.  

Install parts P4516, P4517, P4518, P4519 per instructions in the Panther Builder Manual. 

These are supplied with full kits after SN 91 and Forward Fuselage Kits ordered after 9/1/2017.

Optional action

 1.  Safety wire the main and rear wing pins in place in a manor to prevent them from being removed 


2.  Install appropriate grade 8 bolts and lock nuts in place of main and rear wing pins.

Note: To prevent damage to the structure, these should not be fully tightened. The bolts should remain able to rotate.

Note: SPA LLC provides these Heads up to help those choosing to build and fly their Panther Aircraft and operate and maintain them as safely as possible. The end user, including but not limited to the builder, pilot, passenger, and maintainer, is responsible for all uses, actions and outcomes, including, damage, injury or death.  No warranty expressed or implied.