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Issue Date:  8/25/2017

Bulletin Type: Mandatory

Aircraft:   Panther LS and Panther Sport

Bulletin Name:  PSB4-M Cowl Flange Strip Reinforcement Angle

Corresponding Attachments:  None


Details of Service Bulletin


Regarding: Cowl Flange Strip Reinforcement Angle

Note:  No warranty expressed or implied. Viewer of this document assumes all risk for its use.

Heads up #40

Cowl Flange Strip Reinforcement Angle

Several Panther operators have reported a crack at the end, or ends of the P4117 Cowl Attach Joggle Strip.

All reports have been from Panther operators with Lycoming 0-320s installed. Also, these aircraft did not have the P8518/P8519 Lower Cowl mounts installed. 

Action Required

Before next flight, and all flights as normal preflight item, inspect cowl joggle strips for cracks.

Before next flight verify P8518/P8519 are installed.

Optional action

Install Joggle Strip Angles: P4514/P4515 Angles per Builder Manual.  These Angles are included in kits with SN above 091 and after 9/1/2017, and are available from SPA for lower kit numbers.

Note: SPA LLC provides these Heads up to help those choosing to build and fly their Panther Aircraft and operate and maintain them as safely as possible. The end user, including but not limited to the builder, pilot, passenger, and maintainer, is responsible for all uses, actions and outcomes, including, damage, injury or death.  No warranty expressed or implied.