Please see below for information regarding the service bulletin.  The bracket kit is available to order from SPA LLC (904.626.7777 x404).  This kit is $35, plus $14 shipping.  Expected ship date 2-3 weeks from now.

Link to PSB5-M Flap Detent Mount Crack PDF​

Issue Date:  8/25/2017

Bulletin Type: Mandatory

Aircraft:   Panther LS and Panther Sport

Bulletin Name:  PSB5-M Flap Detent Mount Crack

Corresponding Attachments:  None


Details of Service Bulletin


Regarding: Flap Detent Mount Bracket Reinforcement

Note:  No warranty expressed or implied. Viewer of this document assumes all risk for its use.

Heads up #41

Flap Detent Mount Bracket Reinforcement

We have had one Panther LS powered by a Lycoming 0-320 develop a miniscule crack along the weld at the top of the flap detent mount. 

Action Required

Note: Later airframes have a brace tube installed to stiffen the detent plate mount bracket (see photo below). These airframes do not require any action other than normal preflight and condition inspections

Inspect the area identified in photos below for signs of cracks.

SPA LLC recommends installing a flap detent bracket reinforcement kit per drawings and instructions in kit.

Even if no crack is detected SPA LLC feels that the probability of an eventual crack is high enough to warrant a preventative measure. 

Contact SPA LLC for kit availability.