Please see the Panther Cockpit Dimension Drawing HERE

The width of the cockpit is 28 inches.


What is the max height of a pilot? 


We cannot give a max height for a pilot because it depends on the height of the pilots torso, not his/her overall height.  For example, we had a 6'6" pilot in the cockpit at Oshkosh with two inches of head room.  We then had a 6'4" pilot who got in and his head hit the canopy because he only has a 28" inseam.  So almost all of his height is in his torso. 


If you would like to know for sure if you will fit you need to measure your torso length - from the crotch to your head.  Easiest way to do this is take a hard back book and back up to a wall.  Mark your head height with the book and a pencil.  Then with your back against the wall place the book, spine up, between your legs all the way up.  Then step back and mark the top of the spine and measure the distance in-between.  If it is more than 41" then you are too tall.